210g / 7.4oz Vegan Meatless Blood Sausage

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Meatless Garlic Ham is a true delicacy for deli enthusiasts. Thanks to its unique, delicate taste and firm consistency…

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Meatless Garlic Ham is a true delicacy for deli enthusiasts. Thanks to its unique, delicate taste and firm consistency, there’s no chance of confusing it with any other plant-based ham (although it might be mistakenly considered real meat…). It’s very mild, full of garlic aroma, and smoked with natural oak wood.

Meatless Garlic Ham is best enjoyed raw, for example, on sandwiches with plant-based mayo, in salads, or wraps. If you like, you can also grill, fry, bake, or simmer it. Like all Meatless products, you can freeze it.

Plant-based deli with garlic ham flavor and added dried garlic. A plant-based product based on wheat protein and chickpeas. Ingredients: water, wheat protein, chickpeas, rapeseed oil, inactive yeast flakes, soy, fibers (bamboo, pea, psyllium), natural spices (including mustard, dried garlic), flavors (including smoke flavor), spirit vinegar, sugar, glucose, salt (Kłodawa salt), maltodextrin. Smoked with oak wood. May contain sesame and celery.

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